Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav: When A Storm Means Business

Disaster Response Contracting Tips

Hurricane Gustav is poised to create a serious natural disaster that will generate huge urgent needs for supplies and services, both immediately and in the weeks and months that follow.

Who is going to win that business to help, where, and how?

I'm in business to to help qualified vendors, even those without experience, connect faster with suppliers who need you. So here are THREE FREE RESOURCES to help you do that right now:
  1. 2008 Disaster Response Tips: Ready for Hurricane Gustav -- New White Paper
  2. Be A Top DisasterResponse Contractor -- Competitive Intelligence from Hurricane Katrina
  3. Success Stories: Supplying Emergency Shelter and Meals
Here are the details:
  1. Save hours of time!Get tips on Hurricane Gustav disaster response contracting by downloading this five-page summary from Includes:
  • Links to Disaster Response Action/Status reports
  • Where disaster relief centers are being set up
  • Which government agencies are doing what
  • Supplier Registration sites
  • Success Tips

2. "Be A Top Disaster Response Contractor: Version 3.0" , updated from 2005, is jammed with competitive information you want to know. You'll find out:
  • Lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina Response in 2005. Emergency supply needs and major prime contractors will be similar this time!
  • Top disaster response contractors in 2005 -- those winners may become big suppliers now.
  • Vendor keys to success from the Hurricane Katrina response in 2005
  • What products and services buyers needed after Hurricane Katrina, and how much
3. Success Stories: Supplying Emergency Shelter and Meals: Keys to success from interviews with two companies , first-time suppliers, who won disaster response contracts worth millions in 2005.

In short,
you have a good chance to meet these urgent needs if you already have:

  • A current government contract vehicle that someone can buy from RIGHT NOW,

  • Contacts within federal, state, local and NGO agencies with responsibility for disaster response,

  • Recent communication with people making supplier decisions to meet disaster response needs,

  • Current information about the emergency management and buying process in the disaster area;

  • If not...find out what you need to know HERE.

    Friday, August 15, 2008

    Lockheed Martin Tips For Small Business

    Lockheed Martin is looking for good small business partners, too.

    Here's 90 seconds of wisdom from Ken Hildebrand, Supplier Diversity Manager at Lockheed Martin in Marietta, Georgia.

    You'll find out:
    • What kind of "homework" small businesses need to do when approaching Lockheed Martin
    • How to improve your marketing materials and why
    • And a final key to success!