Monday, February 21, 2011

15 Minutes -- The Truth of Government Contracts


A friend with whom I reconnected last year, Steve Paikin, has had a wonderful career as one of Canada’s top current affairs journalists, and was kind enough to invite me to do a television interview with him about US government contract.  You can see it at –

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Get 8(m) / WOSB Certified Today. Cost: Nothing.

Links & Steps For 8(m) Certification

If you're a woman business owner seeking  federal contracts, you might qualify for the 8(m) set-aside program for Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB).

About 30 contracts have been awarded under this program. A year into implementation, it's just getting started.

Exploring opportunities? Remember:
  • Set-aside programs don't guarantee you a contract. This program requires two or more WOSB's to compete for the business -- it's not a sole source program.
  • Look beyond the 8(m) set-asides.  While the estimated value of the WOSB set asides is $6 billion, the federal government aims to award about $250 billion to all small businesses.
  1. Learn the rules
    SBA's WOSB Program Compliance Guide and supporting documents for the 8(m) Program has details. Do you qualify? If so, here you'll learn what documents you'll need, and who to ask if you're not sure and have more questions.

  2. Prepare & scan your documents
    You'll be uploading files. Find out how to do that in The Repository Guide

  3. Set up your GLS account...
    on SBA's web site: Go to
    Click on "Instructions for GLS" to find out what to do next
    Select "Request SBA User ID" and create your account.

  4. Upload your documents
    Log into your GLS account, and enter the WOSB Program Area.

  5. Update or Register in CCR
    If you're already in CCR & ORCA, update your records to reflect your certification.
    If  you're not in CCR, head over to and read about how to do that.
Want help?
  • Visit for low cost or free counseling and programs in your region.