Thursday, February 09, 2012

Reach Reluctant Government Buyers

The Secret That Opens Doors
My favorite kind of research is going out to lunch. In this case, it was breakfast, hosted by Nick Wakeman, Editor in Chief of Washington Technology. He was recounting a meeting at the Pentagon, at which a General told him, "I always have 20 minutes to hear a company's  capability."
"Wait a minute," I said. "What's the secret here? I don't know any Generals who always have 20 minutes for a company meeting. Tell me that again."

"No, no," Nick corrected me. "The General said, 'I always have 20 minutes for someone who can Solve My Problem.' "
Want to get their attention, then?  The sweet spot -- and past performance -- are key.

Government buyers want to know that you've solved their problem, for someone who looks just like them, yesterday afternoon.

  • What problem do you solve -- not what product or service do you offer -- for your sweet spot clients today?
  • Why do they choose YOU  to solve it?
  •  How can you tell that someone has that problem and is motivated to spend money to fix it?

Now, which government agencies have, and must solve, that problem in order to deliver their missions and serve citizens? (Remember: everyday services and products are mission essential, too! Are custodial services mission essential? Sure. Lights have to light, toilets have to flush.)

                Those are your best prospects. They're waiting for your call..

Monday, January 09, 2012

Your Government Contract Sweet Spot: Revealed

3 Questions Pinpoint Your Top Prospects
"How do I get in front of people?" 

"How can I meet the decision-makers?" 

Easy, if you start with how well you know your sweet spot customer

Want to expand into a new government agency? Or are you looking for your first government contract?

Either way -- and especially if you've never sold to the government before -- what you know about your sweet spot customer is going to lead you right to the easiest government business you'll ever win.

So, who's your sweet spot customer? Not the one you'd like to have; not the one you want to have; but the one you have right now. You know they're your sweet spot customer because:
·         They Pay You On Time
·         They Come Back for More
·         They Bring You Their Friends

They have your picture -- or, at least, your promotional magnet with your phone number -- on their refrigerators.

Maybe there's just one, Maybe there's a bunch. If you think of the normal distribution curve, together these sweet spot clients represent the peak of your profitability. Why? You're doing for them what you do best; that's why they keep coming back and referring their friends; and that means repeat business with minimal marketing and business development cost.

How'd you like your government business to be like that?

Now, it can be. My next blog post will tell you how.