Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Small Business Administration Buys "Government Contracts Made Easier"

Now it's official!

SBA's Washington Metro DC District office is the first buyer of "Government Contracts Made Easier" -- and got the government bulk purchase discount for quantities between 25 and 99 copies!

I did it just the way winning companies suggest: starting small and being persistent!

Technical details: this sale was done via the SmartPay Card and the micro-purchase threshold, through RELATIONSHIPS developed over the previous TWO YEARS. 

Wow. If I won a government contract...you can too.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Unique Value: A Case In Point

Author at work...Manuscript is now with the Editors!
What Buyers Want That Only You Can Give

When I counsel clients, I talk about creating your Unique Value Proposition...and I have to do the same in my own business.  and with my book -- Government Contracts Made Easier (Not A Novel)

I'm thrilled that a major national association has committed to buying 1000 copies.

And...the Small Business Administration's Metro Washington DC District Office has just purchased copies for their small business specialists!

What's different about this book? Here's why they're buying:
  • Seven Steps you can take right now to win faster
  • Hot new research stats on what it takes to win
  • What woman-owned and minority businesses do differently
  • Real-life profiles in success from over 12 businesses
  • Practical exercises to get you up the learning curve
  • Checklists and tips for fast reference
  • Loaded with resources that seasoned contractors take years to discover
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