Friday, October 01, 2010

Get The Jump On 2011 Government Business

Special Online Workshop Series Starts October 13th

What new business will YOU celebrate this year? The winners are targeting now. Did you know? There are seven things that all successful companies do when they win government contracts – and it all starts with Strategy.

Got 90 minutes? Then you can get the straight talk – and candid insight – into how you can lay a foundation to win new government business in the year ahead.  Is it hard? Doesn't have to be. I've teamed up with Federal Procurement Pro and L2 Federal Resources to make it...Easier.

Starting Wednesday, October 13th at 1 pm, this online workshop presents the hard-hitting questions you’ll need to ask your team as you begin your quest for more government contracts – and gives you the tools to find the answers.

If want to know:
  • How to tell if you’re ready for government business
  • Which factors affect the size of opportunity you can win next
  • What women and minority business owners do differently on their road to success
  • The easy framework you can use to assess your next move…
…then this a high-value tour-de-force will help answer the most important question -- “Is this good business for my business?” -- and give you the perfect chance to ask questions on how to use power tools to reach your goals. The answers will keep you on the shortest path to government contract success.

Find out more -- this is the first of a series that also includes bonus materials, post-workshop recordings and more... and Register today!