Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sharpen the Knives: Honing Good Tools

Advice I offer clients makes even more sense when I apply it to my own business. I'm just appalled that it sometimes takes me so long to recognize that!

I just got home from picking up my kitchen knives from sharpening. What a pleasure to use good tools that are ready for the job!

If my tools are sharp, I'll have more control and get better results, and enjoy cooking a lot more, too.

Same goes for business development -- mine and my clients. First, I have to quiet the overwhelmed feeling as I learn about all the stuff I haven't done or tried yet. Then I MUST ACCEPT that if I choose good consultants to help me, my sharper focus will more than return my investment of money and time, because I'll win more new business faster and with lower costs.

That's what I do for my clients...and I admit I need help in doing it myself.

(PS -- Did you know that a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp one? A dull one can slip, because you don't have control of where it's going. Be safe! Precision Knife Sharpening is a professional, efficient operation; pay online and either mail or pickup/dropoff if you live nearby.)

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