Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Take Five: RU LinkedIn? 5 Reasons To Check It Out

Q&A Brings Fresh Perspectives on Government Contracting Questions

I've cruised "Web 2.0" over the summer, and concluded -- at least for now -- that Linkedin is my top choice for online business networks on government contracting.

Until LinkedIn added the new Q&A forums, I wasn't sure why I accepted my friends' invitations to "link" when I already had them in my contacts database. Q&A changed that. Now, I can specify the topics I want to follow -- for example, government contracts, small business, and marketing -- and:
  • Informally survey my own contacts -- for market research, ideas, or new connections
  • Put out a question to the whole LinkedIn network
  • Showcase my expertise by answering OTHERS' questions
  • Refer business to my friends
  • Support my colleagues by giving their best answers a high ranking
Not LinkedIn yet? It's free -- take a look.

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