Friday, May 02, 2008

Take Five! The 5 People You Need to Know

Helping Hands That Open Federal Contracting Doors

Once you've figured out which departments and agencies might be your buyers (oh, not sure about that? Start by cruising, you need to get ready to meet the people who can help you:

  • The OSDBU Officer
  • The Contracting Officer
  • The Program Manager
  • The End User
  • The Prime
The better you prepare -- know what they care about, and what they can do for you -- the more they're likely to help you. Will planned procurements happen? Will they be set-aside for small business? What are new requirements likely to be? When are pre-proposal conferences?

Find out more -- download the newest free presentation, The Five People You Need To Meet, in the series "Take Five : Government Contracts Made Easier".

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