Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Know Before You Go / No-Go

O'er Beautiful, Gracious Skies...Comes Big Perspective.

Last month, I got a stark reminder of why I encourage my clients to set criteria for key go / no-go decisions like whether to bid an opportunity, or whether to pursue government contracts at all. Decisions like that can make or break your business.

That perspective came from my ten days as pilot of a small airplane across America from Portland over the Rockies and back to Washington DC. Each day began with a serious go / no-go decision: "Is this weather safe enough to put myself into the air today?"

Everything else kinda pales by comparison (see the whole story -- I was the official blogger for our group of six travelers in 3 planes). We were pilots on an adventure, but often felt the pressure of resources -- mostly time -- running low. A poor decision would have been literally a matter of life and death.

My business brain noticed that our group's daily "go / no-go" was often fraught with tension. Some mornings we spent HOURS poring over weather data...so as not to have rain pouring over us. The whole process -- critical though it was -- could have been more productive and left us more time to enjoy the inevitable delays. How? If we'd agreed on a decision-making process and "go" criteria among pilots with quite different risk thresholds.

When you're ready for your next government contract adventure...I'm here to help you find the right time to launch in conditions that match your skills and risk threshold, get to your destination safely...and enjoy the ride, too.

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