Thursday, August 25, 2011

Do You Have the Right Stuff to WIN Government Contracts?

Here's one way to find out.

Get together with your key managers – including executive leadership as well as sales, marketing, finance and production.  (If that’s just two people, total, this is going to be either a really long meeting… or a really short one.)

Brainstorm, and ask yourselves: “Why do we want to sell to the government?”  Then compare your reasons to the lists below.

List A: Really Bad Reasons to Chase Government Business 

  • There’s thousands of RFPs every day on FedBizOpps! We just have to get busy and send in some proposals
  • I just got back from a seminar about this, and they said all we have to do is follow the rules and we can win.
  • The government has to buy from us because we’re a small/woman-owned/service-disabled veteran-owned business.
  • Our business needs a big contract to bring in some fast cash.
  • I just came up with this new product the Army’s gonna love.
  • If we get 8(a) certified, the government has to buy from us
  • Our competitors just got a GSA Schedule, and we need to keep up.
  • I’m a service-disabled veteran and just started my company because the government has to buy from us.
  • My brother just got out of the Navy and needs a job; he can sell for us.

List B: Much Better Reasons to Focus on Winning Government Business

  • We’ve pinpointed a problem, and proved we can solve it for a government buyer who has money to fix it.
  • We’ve got a great track record selling to Fortune 500 companies, so government could be a natural next step. 
  • Government publishes tons of info about buyers and competition. Results of competitions and the rules of the game are in the public record and that helps us pinpoint our market research 
  • I’m passionate about using our proven expertise to save lives and keep soldiers safer. 
  • If we win that Marine Corps contract and perform well, that’ll build our reputation with those Fortune 500 companies we want to win! 
  • If we do a good job for that first Air Force base, they’ll want to tell their friends… and we’ll be in a good position for repeat business, too. 
  • We’ve been subcontracting to Lockheed for years, we’ve got strong end-user relationships, and we’re ready to take it to the next level.

Which sounds more like your list?

If you have more “A-list-type” items, then you’ve probably started to feel uncomfortable.  Good.  You should, because you’re recognizing that you may be taking more risk than you thought.

If you’re lining up with the “B” list, your reasoning for market entry is probably sound, and an internal dialogue of your mission and vision will build on that foundation.

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