Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Government Contract Success Starts With Strategy

Market Research And In-Depth Strategy Dialogue Reveal New Contract Opportunities

The last blog post showcased Neeld Wilson's road to multimillion dollars contract success. Here's a picture of how that road begins, and a story you'll want to follow.

Melissa Mangold is owner and President of CASCO Manufacturing Solutions, Inc., of Cincinnati. She and her team had had a couple of unsuccessful go-rounds with government business. But Melissa was sure there were undiscovered government business opportunities for their specialty manufacturing. When we met after a presentation I gave to the Women's Business Enterprise National Council -- WBENC -- her suspicions were confirmed. "More than just information -- you gave me hope," she said.        
CASCO's strong track record, across diverse product lines, is based on three different sewing or sealing methods. When I arrived to lead their strategy session, Melissa gave me a plant tour. What a treat to visit a well-run company where people MAKE THINGS. Melissa showed me the work flows on meticulously laid-out production floor. I saw where the team had just spent the weekend setting up a production cell for a new product, and which spaces adjust depending on demand. The CASCO team moved specialty fabrics in, measured and cut them with state of the art computerized systems, and created finished products to meet orders from medical mattresses and wheelchair seating to covers for grills and firepits to special enclosures for medical treatment. 

CASCO engineers create special jigs to produce unique products that other manufacturers can't handle. They focus on product lines where their manufacturing processes give their products superior performance characteristics that the buyers want and need.

With some government contracts under their belt, Melissa brought together her team with me for a day to discover where their past performance and their unique strengths suggested high priority opportunities. We started by reviewing their custom market research, and pored over where the best competitive advantages could be. 

All kinds of opportunities came to light, but I'll share one that you might think about in your own company.

CASCO had recently delivered a shipment of a unique, mission-critical supply item to a government buyer. Their next sale just might come from simply asking the buyer, "When will you need more of these?"

Where could your next prospect be? Book a strategy session now and save $2000 over 2012 prices. 
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Left: Melissa Mangold with Judy Bradt, at CASCO in Cincinnati

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