Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SAIC Teaming Do's and Don'ts From Michael Parker

Insider Teaming Tips From Science Applications International Corporation
Michael Parker is Senior Business Unit Strategist for SAIC, a top federal contractor that's always looking for qualified small business partners. I asked him what his top three tips were for companies seeking partnerships. He said:
  • Research SAIC, and find out what part of the company you want to do business with
  • Come with a specific opportunity in mind
  • Present a business case on how you can contribute to winning that specific opportunity.
What do you think the absolute worst things are you could do when approaching SAIC?

He recommended starting by registering on SAIC's small business portal, and taking advantage of the access points of contact there.

But in real life, how easy is it to get in the door? Got a happy story, or a horror show? Tell all. I've been reporting what the primes say...what's the most effective thing you've done to actually become a teaming partner with these guys?

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