Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Take Five: State & Local Success for Human Resource Services

Patty's De Dominic's Top Five Government Contracting Tips

Can you supply staffing services to state and local governments?

Patty De Dominic thinks so. Serving those clients built her staffing services company to over $200 million, to become the tenth-largest employer in California. She sold her multi-million dollar business after the LA Business Journal named her, in 2006, the CEO of the Year.

I asked her, "What advice would you give someone who wants to win government contracts?" She said,
  • Make sure you have a good product or service to offer.
  • Look for ways to differential yourself in an arena that the buyer already knows they need then prove your worth.
  • Empower the people who give your organization the strength and depth it needs to serve big and demanding clients well.
  • Under promise and over deliver.
  • Develop time management skills, so you can prioritize and do the most important things first.
Patty shares more of her lessons learned at SummitInsight.com.

Her next project is a book, and she invites your stories via her blog at http://www.thenewnewworldofwork.com/. Check it out and get yourself some visibility in her book.

She also coaches high achievers at DeDominic & Associates, http://www.dedominic.com/. Capitalize on her 27 years of experience; she's eager to share what she knows. The first coaching session free. Contact Patty via Patty@dedominic.com.

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