Thursday, January 22, 2009

Go Hug Your Banker.


How often should you visit your banker? A quick Google search found almost nothing on "visit" and "banker," though I did get a DIGG hit on a shark attacking a banker in Australia...

Financing is vital to staying alive today -- especially in government contracts. Get your ducks in a row, now. And make your next visit before you need to.

I just went in to wish my banker a happy new year and bring her up to date on my business as I made my first deposit of 2009 (thank you, GEAR Engineering!). Good news -- I had the best year ever in 2008...but I also really needed my line of credit as 2009 gets started, and needed her support to refresh that.

Boy, was I glad I had just stopped in to say hello last fall to introduce myself. She knew who I was and remembered my business, and was happy to help. I also found out she's going to have her first baby this spring -- which means I also want to be sure I find out who's backing her up while she's away.

Just like with government business development (or even advocacy on Capitol Hill) -- the time to make your first call is when things are going well. Then people know who they're dealing with when you come in and ask for help.

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cathy said...

Banks consider my industury "riskly" and I have been unable to get even a line of credit, dispite good performence in over 5 years? My bank stopped doing SBA loans now I have no realtionships at all...