Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Take Five: PR Tips You Can Use Right Now

More 2009 Jumpstart Tools for Government Contracts

Which of these tips are you going to use first? Leave comment, or Let me know!

Why PR Activity is Critical:
Visibility can open the door to relationships you need.
And in tough times, when many people market less, those who market more STAND OUT!
  1. Create A PR Plan For Your Government Market Niche!
    Short on resources? Try Guerilla PR by Jill Lublin...
    - Barter your services with a PR firm, if you're short of cash
    - Hire interns for press release writing and tracking

  2. Write Op-Ed's & Letters To The Editor -- Especially If You're A Woman Business Owner
    - Focus on issues you care about
    - Watch the publication's style, and keep it short
    - Use Google Alerts to identify reporters who are writing about your issues
    - Contact them and establish yourself as an expert source

  3. Plan To Use Online News Releases
    - Learn how to write news releases reporters will love

  4. Review Your Web Site, Including Your Online Newsroom
    - Learn how to make it reporter-friendly

  5. Make Google Work For You
    - Explore whether Google Adwords work for you
    - Consider using second- or third- tier ranked keywords
    - Set Google Alerts for your name, your company's name, your competitors

  6. Apply For Awards
    - Gain Credibility & Visibility
    - Boost Employee Morale
    - Create publicity / news release opportunity

  7. Supercharge Your Email Signature Line
    - Add photo & tagline
    - Link to your social media profiles, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Plaxo, ZoomInfo
    - Link to your blog...and change the message every week
    (e.g. "What's 2009's Must-Have Service? Find out this week on MY BLOG....)

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