Tuesday, May 05, 2009

GSA Contract: Hire Guns, or Be Your Own Lookout?

Do I Need A Consultant To Get A GSA Schedule?

In a word, no. GSA’s contracting officers will tell you that, too: there is no legal requirement to hire someone to prepare and negotiate your offer to GSA. But wait, do you do your own taxes? Why else would you pay perfectly good money to have someone do something that you could do yourself? Typically because:
  • You want it done right, as the finished work has long term consequences;

  • You want it done promptly, a challenge if this isn’t your speciality; and

  • You want the inside advantages that a seasoned expert brings to the finished document.
Those are the same reasons why it’s worth considering some kind of help when you’re preparing your proposal for your GSA Schedule Contract.

However, a consultant is not right for everyone. There is no guarantee that the more you spend, the better your proposal will be, and no correlation at all between what you spend on your proposal and how much you sell once you have a Schedule Contract. Only you can provide the critical corporate data that the consultant is going to require. So plan on spending time, regardless of which option you pick. Check the references of anyone whose services you’re thinking of engaging!

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Jennifer Schaus said...


Great post!

I agree - GSA Schedules are not for everyone & GSA Consultants are not for everyone.
There is simple math that can be done to determine if the government is worth a company's investment, as well as a consultant. Companies should explore opportunity cost of putting their own "GSA paperwork" together or outsourcing.

Additionally, I think alot of the ARRA/Stimulus Funding projects will come fruition through a mix of federal, state & local contracts & grants. The contracts at all levels most likely will flow through GSA Schedules, as recent articles have indicated.

As you have said, and I concur - the biggest winners will be those with a strategy in place and strong relationships, which is what B2G is all about.

I enjoy your posts, Judy! Thank You,

Jennifer Schaus
Jennifer Schaus & Associates
Washington, DC