Monday, February 08, 2010

Why To Love FARS Part 9: Are You Simply Irresistible?

Making Contractor Responsibility High Impact, Low Drama

Writing this one, I got stuck in one of those songs that won't get out of my with apologies to the late Robert Palmer, I begin with a singalong (link here for the original tune)

You’re basically responsible
Always certifiable
Truly qualifiable
Never been convictable
Your 8(a) is a star, you're a powerful force
You’re part of a team 'cause there's no other course
Before, you looked good, but now they find you

Simply Irresistible

Okay now that I've passed that along to YOU, here are just some of the gems waiting for you in FARS Part 9, and why you care.
  • FARS 9.104-1: Only responsible companies can be awarded a contract. So, what's it mean to be "responsible"? Better yet: by that definition, could your competition be found irresponsible? That might be a competitive edge for you!
  • FARS 9.2: Are you technically dominant in your field? If the contracting officer decided that prospective vendors must meet a high level of technical qualification, would that be to your advantage? Find out how that can happen.
  • FARS 9.5: Sure, we all want to shape the spec, but here's how can going too far lock you out of the business you're positioning to win.
  •  FARS 9.6: Are you teamed -- in the eyes of your contracting officer? See what definition qualifies in federal contracts.

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