Monday, February 22, 2010

FARS Part 10: Two Ways To Leverage Research

When Federal Buyers Hunt, You Want To Be Seen

FARS Part 10 outlines all the things federal buyers are supposed to find out about how well potential suppliers can meet the requirement before they launch a competition.

Why do you care?
  • If you're the only company that can meet the requirement, that research can support a sole source award. Gain the advantage by making sure that buyers know and lust after your unique characteristics.
  • If many vendors have capability to meet the requirement, then the research results affect the kind of competitive process you can start to get ready for.
  • And perhaps most important, if you want to be considered as a credible source, FARS Part 10 gives you the list of exactly what buyers have been told to find out when you come calling! If you're smart, you've now got a checklist when you're preparing your marketing materials!
What do you think they need to know? Find out at FARS Part 10.002.

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