Friday, July 02, 2010

The New 80/20 of Government Contracting ...

...And How To Beat It

You know the regular 80/20 rule. Well, thanks to a new report from Victory in Procurement, an initiative of OPEN by American Express, we now have a new 80/20 rule for government contracts. Actually, it's the 86/20 rule:

First-time federal contractors invest an average of $86,124 and 20 months on the road to success.

They also offer these tips to make your road shorter than theirs:
  • Start small.
  • Pursue subcontracting -- 76 of winners do, and 54% of them succeed.
  • Ensure that government business development is part of your core growth strategy.
  • Target government buyers with clear needs that you can meet.
  • Develop relationships through calls on agencies, outreach sessions, matchmaking events, and associations.
  • DO look into GSA Schedules...but don't assume they're right for you. Less than 50% of first time contractors do business through a GSA Schedule. First, find out how your target buyers purchase, and how your competitors sell.
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