Sunday, March 07, 2010

Who Wants to Win A GSA Schedule (FY2010 edition) ?

FY 2009 -- The Scary Schedule 70 Stats

Sobering facts for Schedule 70 IT FY 2009
Total Sales: $15.7 billion  Total Schedule 70 Awardees: 5,333

Top 25 Firms' Market Share:   42%
Top 50 Market Share:               54%
Top 100 Market Share (1.8% of awardees)   65% => $10.2 B
 3,271 other firms (61% of awardees)             35% =>  $ 5.5 B

1,962 firms    (37% of awardees)                       $0

GSA IT procurement officials told me that, in view of the recession, they intended to go easy on routine terminations of contracts from companies who failed to reach $25K in sales in the first two years, or under $100K by year five.

Nevertheless, overall Schedule 70 awards in 2009 are down 5% -- 5,333 vs 5,614. Potentially good news: that last group -- the $0 club -- is down 12% from 2008. Some reasons for that could be that offerors must now:
  • Complete the GSA Pathway to Success online training 
  • Demonstrate two years' sales of the proposed products/services, whether to commercial or government buyers
  • Outline their post-award marketing plans as part of their schedule contract proposal.
What do winners do differently? They take Seven Steps To Success.

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