Tuesday, April 24, 2007

BearingPoint Tells How to Set Sail

Seeks Leverage from Small Business Connections

People were lined up to talk to Diane McLaughlin, Director of the Small Business Program Office at BearingPoint when I met her during the OSDBU conference in Maryland in April 2007.

They wanted a sense of direction on how to really connect with BearingPoint to win new business...and she was ready to share that with all of us.

  • "Understand what BearingPoint does."
    McLaughlin managed to hold back her exasperation with the unbelievable number of companies who come to her without having done even that much homework. I can't blame her for that!

  • "Tell us how you complement that."
    (It's not useful if you do the same thing they do, is it now?)

  • "Understand the Agency."
    (That is, the Customer. What new information can you bring BearingPoint about the clients they serve?)

  • "Know what's up!"
    How good are your insider contacts? What insights do you have into business and clients that you know BearingPoint wants to win?
Want a starting point? A recent edition of Washington Technology featured McLaughlin (BearingPoint rolls into new territory: Small-business partners will foster growth) and provides details and links of the company's teaming strategy and highlights of some of its major projects.

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