Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Unisys: Entry Points

Ed's Five Tips Open Doors to Teaming

Ed Weil, Senior Manager for Unisys' Supplier Diversity Program, was at the 2007 OSDBU conference talking to prospective partners. Here's the advice he gave me if your company wants to do business with Unisys, especially on government contracts:

  • "Know 5+4."
    Know all 5 of Unisys' core focus areas, and all 4 lines of business...before you make an initial query, and reflect that knowledge in your online profile.

  • "How do you fit in?"
    Read case studies online, know who our customers are, or ask me if you'd like to know whether a specific company is among our top clients.

  • "Register!"
    We have a robust questionnaire (link to http://www.blogger.com/www.unisys.com/sdp) to that asks about past performance, size, qualifications, all the classic information. Make your entries as strong and specific as you can.

  • "Get to know our customers"
    ...before you call us. How can you help us to better serve the needs of specific clients?

  • "Bring in the business."
    If you can, tell me about opportunities coming that we haven't heard about yet. Timing is everything -- what do you know that others haven't heard?

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