Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Winning Tip: Focus on Prime Priorities

How To Become The Must-Have Partner.

Why should you consider working and teaming up with Prime contractors when seeking federal clients? Companies with strong niche solutions for U.S. military and government clients often need to reach end users through teaming.

Those large Prime contractors need nimble, high-value, innovative partners who bring them opportunities to win.

That matters more than any of the small business preferences -- no matter whether you're woman-owned, 8(a), SDVOB or anything else. Those preferences are secondary.

Partnerships develop when you focus on their priorities:

  • Core capabilities – what do you do well that your Prime needs?

  • Differentiation – what sets you apart from others in your industry that your prime would want?

  • Past performance and reputation as team player – are you reliable and proven commodity? Make it count!

  • Price – can your prime afford you? Is your margin the right one?

  • Personnel experience and low turnover – do you have the skill-set and knowledge to benefit your Prime?

  • Financial strength – are you solvent or are you going to be a liability to your Prime?

  • Location – will your distance and location be an obstacle or benefit to your Prime?
Daunting? Maybe, but don’t go it alone. Federal government resources like OSDBU's and PTAC's can help you sort it out and get ready to meet the primes...and other subcontractors serving primes.

Remember, focus first on meeting the Prime's needs. Then show -- with your Unique Value Proposition, past performance and capability statement -- how you do that better than anyone else.

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