Thursday, September 03, 2009

Trap 3: The Shotgun Tactics

The Danger: Wasted Scarce Resources.
See the classic shotgun pattern? Lots of effort, not much reaching your target. Sure, FedBizOpps ( is the place where the federal government must publish opportunities and includes links to stimulus opportunities. But if you pump out proposals to every Request for Proposal you find, most of your effort is off target.
Improve Your Win Rate.
FACT: The win begins long before RFP's are published. When you want to win government contracts, research and focus tightly to win. Otherwise, I guarantee you'll go broke trying.
The Fix: Focus.
Did you know? Public money drives much more public information -- on federal departments' budgets, contract spending forecasts and contract awards. Savvy companies pinpoint well-funded buyers, scope out competition and partners, refine their focus, and pick out and position themselves to win opportunities a long time before formal competition begins.
Where to start:
Free web sites offer extraordinary amounts of federal contract market intelligence -- but can take time to hit the bull's eye. Look into,,,, and Good if you're testing the waters and not ready for a big investment yet, or prefer to spend time rather than money.
Jump Start: Get a free instant webinar in how to use all these -- at
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