Monday, September 21, 2009

GSA's Inside Scoop on New Mentor-Protege Program!

Did you know? In GSA's Mentor-Protege Program:

  • Companies of any size, small or large may be mentors
  • Mentors may hold ANY GSA contract -- not just a GSA Schedule Contract
  • Mentors may hold SINGLE award contracts, not just multiple award contracts.
  • GSA's Small Business Utilization Office is glad to meet with you
  • For more, Web: and follow

Thanks to A/Associate Administrator Mary Parks, Director of the Small Business Utilization Office for her interview on this with me, recorded September 18th with me for YOU to hear, at

With pressure from the Obama Administration to improve federal awards to small business, and recession putting the pressure on small companies, this program comes at a very good time.

Now, let's see SBA and Commerce promote it during their outreach, too!

Will YOU pursue a mentor on this program? Become a Protege? Why or why not?

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