Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Lesson From Julia

Blogging Like Nobody's Watching

Procurement this, procurement that... I went out to see the movie Julie and Julia tonight, and I was inspired on a couple of levels.

First, that Julie started out doing a project just because...and people started to care about it along the way, whether she knew that or not. For her, it was about the journey, and putting it out there.

And for Julia, bringing "Mastering The Art Of French Cooking" was such a very long journey, fired by the passion of knowing that what she had to share with the world was worth it, that someone would care.

I really do write this blog for two reasons:
  • so that if you really CAN win a government contracts, you get things that help you succeed...
  • and if it's really not a great idea, you can figure that out before somebody skims thousands of dollars off you for courses and services and proposals that burn your cash and line their pockets.
And I have a book coming -- Seven Steps To Success In Government Contracts. Maybe, like Julia's book, the title will change. And, like Julia's, it's not gonna be the only contracting cookbook out there. But if you ARE hungry for government contracts, it's going to take you through the recipe, one step at a time.

Stick with me, folks. And sign up for the RSS feed if you want the updates as the writing comes along.

(Okay, and Stanley Tucci is SOOO cute as Paul Child.)

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